Lesson Units

  1. The People
  2. The Places
  3. The Events
  4. The Culture
  5. Research Projects

The African American Experience in North Carolina curriculum is comprised of several smaller units, each focused on different aspects of the varied roles and contributions of African Americans in North Carolina throughout the state's history. Working in groups or individually, students will explore the lives of these men and women. These lessons offer numerous opportunities for further research, and are categorized by The People, The Places, The Events, The Culture, and Research Projects.

You can also download the entirety of the lessons as a ZIP file (863 KB).

The People

Lessons focusing on the biographies and life experiences of several famous North Carolinians, from the earliest days of the state to the present:

The Places

Lessons focusing on communities and organizations with strong ties to the history of African Americans in North Carolina:

The Events

Lessons focusing on events and experiences of historical significance in North Carolina:

The Culture

Lessons focusing on the music and other cultural expressions of African Americans in North Carolina:

Research Projects

Four different in-depth research projects focusing on the experiences of African Americans in North Carolina that can be done individually or in groups:

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