Site secured

Site secured for Freedom Monument Park in Raleigh

Governor Bev Perdue signed the lease agreement for the Park to be planned and constructed at the corner of Wilmington and Lane Streets in the State Capital, between the Governor’s Mansion and the Legislative Building. 

The terms of the lease require the Park organization to raise, within 5 years of the signing, $3.5 million for planning and construction of the design elements in the Park and $1.5 million in an endowment fund for upkeep and maintenance of the Park, for a total of $5.0 million in hand by December 2017 before installation can commence.  The lease allows a two-year extension for fundraising at the discretion of the Secretary of Administration. 

At the end of the ten year period from the signing, i.e., December 2022, the ownership of the completed Park will be turned over to a State agency.  It is anticipated that a Friends of the Freedom Monument Park organization will be created for continued fundraising for the purpose of providing programs and events in the Park.

View an interview aired on WTVD about the North Carolina Freedom Monument Project with Dianne Pledger and Dr. Jim Clark.

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