Crowdfunding for Freedom

Welcome to the official NCFMP crowdfunding campaign. We are seeing a lot of exciting developments as this phase of the project is picking up steam--our fundraising kickoff blitz at the beginning of the summer beat our expectations, our pledges and donations keep flowing in, and we've picked up even more key endorsements. 

For the next month we will be seeking funds to really take this project to the next level. We will be offering rewards to go along with pledges of different levels:

Pledge $25: get an NCFMP t-shirt designed by the same artist who designed our logo.

Pledge $50: NCFMP t-shirt, plus a copy of our edited collection, North Carolina Stories of Freedom

Pledge $500: 12 NCFMP t-shirts and 12 books (perfect for a book group!).

Pledge $1,000: an NCFMP t-shirt, a copy of North Carolina Stories of Freedom, plus an autographed copy of Maya Angelou's 2006 book of poetry Celebrations: Rituals of Peace and Prayer.

Pledge $2,500: an evening with the architect and the poet--come to Raleigh (you pay your way here) and spend an afternoon with Juan Logan and Maya Angelou. You will tour the park site, visit existing historic Raleigh monuments, and eat a true North Carolina dinner at world-famous BBQ restaurant The Pit.

Pledge $10,000: join the evening described above, plus have your name added to the physical wall of thanks to be installed at the Freedom Monument Park's east wall.


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